Emerging Countries and the U.S.

If you were living in or overseeing an emerging country like Brazil, Mexico, Kenya or South Africa how comfortable would you be to have your nation solely rely on your affiliation with the United States for your future?

From afar you see the U.S. having a difficult time taking care of its own business. You see a group of politicians threatening to shut down their government in order to prevent the enactment of a healthcare program that was passed according to law and a Supreme Court ruling it is constitutional. These politicians are willing to risk the credibility of their government in the eyes of the world for the sake of remaining in good standing with a splinter group called the Tea Party.

You see a congress and senate not willing to support a president who wants to punish Syria for using a weapon of mass destruction as defined by the United States and the United Nations. You also see other leading nations of the world not willing to protect civilians from chemical weapons.

You see the infrastructure of the largest economy of the world crumbling while there is a significant labor pool begging for work. You further notice that relative education levels of its citizenry is slipping when compared to other nations.

You also notice that the country that use to take pride in the fact that income levels of its citizens across the entire spectrum were one of the most equal in the world and now it is becoming one of the most unequal. You take note that this is happening as free markets, free from central control whether it is government or oligarchs, has become less free and more controlled by a few large companies in each major industry. The government looks the other way because its leaders are being bought off.

Politicians are being bought by these oligarchs and no one in charge is doing much about it because they are also being bought off.

And let’s not forget our National Security Council spying on the personal lives of leaders in other countries.

So, in whose hands do you put your country’s future? There is no longer an easy answer.

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