Hold Government Accountable

Holding our Government Administration accountable is now in the hands of leadership in the House and Senate. Republicans allowed Trump to rule over our country and the future of the GOP. They must admit they chose poorly when selecting Trump as their President. It is time for Biden and the Democrats to think “country First” and let’s admit this has not always been the case for Democrats either.

Rebuilding  democracy’s guardrails is in the hands of both party’s, not just Democrats. The guardrails require elected officials to pass legislation that converts into good actions and laws and then control implementation of these laws and legislation. Presently legislatures ignore their duty to oversee implementation of what they legislated. 

Recently, over the last decade or so, our elected officials have focused on fundraising and kissing butt to get re-elected. There are many reasons for this but the ones that stand out are Citizens United and gerrymandering. 

Running for office was once considered a vocation rather than a means of getting extremely wealthy and powerful. This has flipped. Capturing a political office is a very lucrative path of becoming a multi-millionaire and personally very powerful. 

In the private sector once a plan is adopted and implemented, it is constantly monitored by an independent Board of Directors and adjustments to the company’s plans are routinely made in order to better reach its objectives.

This does not happen in government at the national level. All decision makers are too busy raising money for the next election. Until this changes, things will only get worse. Us citizens should require a joint accountability statement from the President and Congress every four months.

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