Benghazi Revisited

Here are the issues related to Benghazi.Something that is not discussed enough is our election process, which effectively means every politician in Washington is given a 10 to 12 month paid sabbatical to look for another job. Their reelection, contributed to the breakdown of security in Benghazi.. This must change so our enemies don’t take advantage of us again.

The U.S. should have had better security for its Embassy in Libya and we need to be determined how much was caused by congressional budget cuts.

The question is who is at fault and does it reasonable to put much of the blame on Clinton or Obama. This is not so clear. Per the organization chart of the Department of State the SOS has seventeen individuals reporting directly to her. These individuals must have the ability to work without much supervision. If they cannot, they do not belong in their position. The SOS is a diplomat and lacks sufficient time to manage this number of subordinates. Clinton cannot be blamed for this lapse and she took disciplinary action against those that were responsible.

The administration mishandled how they communicated the attack and that was definitely affected by the Presidential election. Obama deserves to be blamed for this.


Blame For Benghazi

What went wrong in Benghazi and who should be blamed? The Secretary of State (SOS) is the chief foreign affairs adviser to the President. The State Department employees tens of thousands of people across the globe and ultimately they report to the SOS.

When appointing a Secretary of State the President looks for someone to assist in developing, implementing and executing the nations plans and objectives as it relates to rest of the world and that person represents the United States across the globe. The need for management skills should not be high on the list of prerequisites to be considered for the position.

This in turn requires the SOS to have a staff reporting to her that has the necessary management skills to help achieve the goals of the department through the efforts of thousands of employees working for the State Department. Per the organization chart of the Department of State the SOS has seventeen individuals reporting directly to her. These individuals must have the ability to work without much supervision. If they cannot, they do not belong in their position.

Below is a section of the above organization chart that shows who has responsibly to oversee the operations and security of our foreign embassies and offices. The titles circled in red are the key positions relating to embassy security.

The position of Bureau of Diplomatic Security And Director, Office of Foreign Missions, Eric J, Boswell, had direct responsibility for the security of our Benghazi office, along with all of our embassies across the globe, and has been relieved of his position along with three officials reporting to Mr. Boswell.

An outstanding issue that should be put to rest is whether Mr. Boswell’s superior should also be relieved of his duties. This person, Patrick F. Kennedy, is the Under Secretary of Management and reports directly to the Secretary of State. Secretary of State Clinton needs to make that decision and justify it to Congress and the American people. Ms. Clinton is in the best position to make the call.

Aside, Susan Rice was thrown under the bus when she went on TV talk shows claiming the attack was not caused by terrorist. 

Last Debate Obama & Romney

Obama won the last two debates, but will not recover all he lost to Romney in the first debate. Romney’s policy continues to be what he perceives voters want to hear and that changes daily.

There are two major issues facing the country:

1. How we get the economy on solid footing and overcome the disparity in income distribution?

2. How we handle the evolution of the governance of countries in the Middle East going from dictatorships to other forms of rule?

The income disparity problem and the lackluster performance of the economy is related. The more concentrated wealth, the more demand for goods and services will decline. The more competition is reduced, the more concentrated power and less competitive we become as our GDP falls relative to the world. WHY WOULD WE ELECT SOMEONE FOR PRESIDENT WHO IS PART OF THE 1%?

Who will be best at handling the mess in the Middle East depends alot on their personal backgrounds and experiences?

Mitt Romney’s entire life experience has been as a member of the upper class establishment that benefited the most from the Middle East dictators at the expense of the ordinary citizens who have come to power through the Arab Spring. The Arab Spring is similar to our own original “Tea Party” in Boston Harbor.

President Obama spent part of his youth on the streets of Jakarta, whose population is 87% muslim, and has a unique perspective that will help guide us in co-existing with this major religion of the region. More

The choice is clear.


There should be hearings held on Benghazi and the cut in security budgets should be part of the review. It is very easy to rush to judgement on this issue. There are several issues related to the attack that have made the news.

Blaming it on The Video: Initially the White House blamed the riot on a video made in the United States and posted on Youtube that denigrated the Prophet Muhammad, resulting in riots in Egypt with the alleged result that the riots spilled over into Libya. This was proven wrong and it was a terrorist attack. If there was a deliberate attempt to mislead the public we should find out why and who was the perpetrator. If it was a simple error and a rush to calm the public let’s learn from the error and move on.

Request for Additional Security: Was there a request by Ambassador Stevens or his aides for additional security and if so, why was it denied? There are some Republicans claiming that if an Ambassador requests more security he should get it. This is an easy answer after the fact and it is wrong. The Administration, at a higher level, has a responsibility of reviewing all budget requests and making a decision as to how best to allocate the nation’s limited resources. The single fact that an Ambassador is dead because of an attack on an embassy is not proof that a wrong decision was made. Good decisions, in any walk in life, are made all the time with the
wrong results. We live in an imperfect world without the ability to foretell the future. That does not make the decision wrong. It is worthwhile to review the decision making process with the intention of improving it, but to conclude that the result proves the wrong decision was made is just not correct.

Were Lies Told For Political Advantage? A review of this issue is worthy of review and appropriate action should be taken based on the result.

Obama Endorsement

Here is why you should be still supporting Obama.

1. The alternative is worse. Romney changes positions based on who he is talking to or trying to influence. I want a President that is consistent about his core values and whose objective is to do what is best for the country. I cannot rely on Romney doing that.

2. Obama made mistakes in his first term. He became intoxicated with how the country, and the world, became enamored with him before he did anything in office. To some extent, he took the mandate by which he won the election, and his Nobel Peace Prize, as a free pass to do whatever he wanted without consulting with the other branches of government and the other party. He has been detoxed during this election and much of his first term. He knows he must act and lead. Many will not agree with this conclusion and I say Obama is too wise not to have learned and it would be a mistake to throw his experience out with the bathwater.

3. He will not be encumbered with running for office again. The Presidency is a unique job in that you are hired for four years and allowed to spend 80% of your time in the last year seeking your next job; reelection. Romney is very political and analytical. If he wins, the government will be off for a voters holiday for much of 2016. I am disappointed that Obama did this; however, why repeat it.

4. The world has significantly changed in the last 15 years and Obama is better suited to lead us at this time in history. Global economic competition has exploded with the obvious example of China. There are other nations that we must compete with including the other BRIC nations of Russia, Brazil and India. Further, nations in southern Africa are experiencing strong economic growth mainly as a result of their rich natural resources that are much in demand. I suspect over the next quarter century we will see the Mideast also experience strong improvement in their economies. Obama’s multi cultural and racial background puts him in a better position to guide us in this new era.

The fact that Obama spent part of his youth on the streets of Jakarta, whose population is 87% muslim, gives him a unique perspective of this religion and will help him guide us in better understanding and co-existing with this major religion. Many consider this background to be threatening. My statement to them is, do you believe in religious freedom or not? Our constitution protects freedom of religion and it behooves us to get over our hang-ups. I guess if you don’t you will vote for Romney.

5. The Mideast is going to be a challenge for years to come. Many of the obstacles in this part of the world gestated from us supporting repressive regimes to have access to their oil. We are beginning to acknowledge this error and Obama’s unique experiences will help the world get through this difficult period.

6. Obama is a good person and so is Romney. Obama is better suited to lead us.