Tea Party and Bloodletting

I ascribe to much of what the Tea Party states are their goals; free markets, reasonable deficits and a government of the people and for the people. It is some of their actions that I object to and the movement was taken over by unscrupulous people for their own self-interest and this includes the Koch Brothers and Rupert Murdoch  Further, a part of this group are bigots who cannot stand having a black man as President.

“Millions of dollars have flowed in from corporations and rich donors, all of whom have their own ideas about what the tea party should be. This struggle for the soul of the movement has left many of its original activists facing agonizing decisions: Do they, should they, still belong?” Washington Post 12/31/10

From 1968 until 2008 I voted Republican in every presidential election. In 2008 I was ready to vote for John McCain until he nominated Sarah Pail as his running mate. I did not want her so close to the nuke button. In 2012 Obama did not win the election. The Republican party, including the Tea Party, gave him the election. Just look at their primary candidates; Bachmann  Gingrich, Romney, Cain, Santorum, Perry, Paul and Huntsman. Huntsman was the only candidate worthy of consideration and he was shunned.

We have a debt problem that was created over a thirty year period and if it is going to be solved in a manner that does not destroy the country it will take fifteen to twenty years. The Tea Party’s clamoring for a quick fix is similar to the beliefs of the medical profession until the 19th century when it promoted bloodletting, the withdrawal of often small quantities of blood from a patient to cure or prevent illness and disease. Most often the cure was worse than the decease or illness.

Here is what we must do and Obama, as our President, must implement. If he does not he has failed. China is breathing down our economic necks…. http://j.mp/Pep-1

Ghost In Romney Tax returns

It is puzzling why Romney refused to release his tax returns beyond 2010 and 2011. One would think the grief he put up with by not releasing an additional three years of returns is greater than anything showing up on the returns. I had an epiphany where the above rationale would not be accurate.

Romney had a close relationship with Goldman Sachs while heading up Bain. Goldman was involved in the subprime housing boom and bust over the last decade bringing down the economy. They profited by creating subprime loans, bribing credit rating agencies such as S&P and Moody’s to give an investment grade rating on the securities, securitizing the loans and selling them at huge profits. Then, when the economy collapsed Goldman was bailed out by the government while the consumer got nothing.

Per Opensecrets.org Goldman employees contributed more than $990,000 to Romney’s bid for the presidency. Since Romney was a big client of Goldman it would be natural to recommend Romney buy these high yielding, highly rated investments. When the subprime business was collapsing it would also be natural for Goldman to tip off Romney that he should be unloading these securities. This would have occurred in 2008 and 2009 and show up on his tax returns.

I have no idea whether this is true because I have not seen Romney’s tax returns. However, if it is true this would be a valid reason for Romney being so adamant about not releasing earlier tax returns. His hands would be dirtied by the housing crisis and he could be accused, along with Goldman, of insider trading.

Romney Lies About Chrysler

This is why Romney does not deserve to be President. How can you trust him? How will other countries be able to trust him? How can other Republicans trust him. I voted for a Republican for President in every election , except one, since 1968. Romney is not Reagan. Per the New York Times on October 29, 2012

“Mr. Romney incorrectly told a rally in Defiance, Ohio, late last week outright that Jeep was considering moving its production to China. (Jeep is discussing increasing production in China for sales within China; it is not moving jobs out of Ohio or the United States, or building cars in China for export to the United States.)

It is a high-risk strategy: Jeep’s corporate parent, Chrysler, had already released a scathing statement calling suggestions that Jeep was moving American jobs to China “fantasies” and “extravagant”; news media outlets here and nationally have called the Romney campaign’s statements — initially based on a poorly worded quotation from Chrysler in a news article that was misinterpreted by blogs — misleading.”

How can Mitt Romney, who is religious and a devout family man, justify saying things that are in conflict with other statements made in his recent past?

I had a business client that Mitt Romney gives me cause to remember. He was a real estate investor and a shrewd negotiator who would look for an opportunity to renege on an agreement, whether verbal or in writing, in order to pay a little less or make a little more on a transaction. I saw him do this on a number of transactions and in fact he tried to do it with me by attempting to have me accept a lower fee than what was agreed too. I did get paid as agreed, but it was a struggle.

At the same time he was very religious and a devout family man. Every time we drove up to a property near Flint, Michigan, to make an inspection, we would go past a large picture of Jesus and he would start praying and kissing the crucifix on the rosary that he had… More