Benghazi Revisited

Here are the issues related to Benghazi.Something that is not discussed enough is our election process, which effectively means every politician in Washington is given a 10 to 12 month paid sabbatical to look for another job. Their reelection, contributed to the breakdown of security in Benghazi.. This must change so our enemies don’t take advantage of us again.

The U.S. should have had better security for its Embassy in Libya and we need to be determined how much was caused by congressional budget cuts.

The question is who is at fault and does it reasonable to put much of the blame on Clinton or Obama. This is not so clear. Per the organization chart of the Department of State the SOS has seventeen individuals reporting directly to her. These individuals must have the ability to work without much supervision. If they cannot, they do not belong in their position. The SOS is a diplomat and lacks sufficient time to manage this number of subordinates. Clinton cannot be blamed for this lapse and she took disciplinary action against those that were responsible.

The administration mishandled how they communicated the attack and that was definitely affected by the Presidential election. Obama deserves to be blamed for this.


Blame For Benghazi

What went wrong in Benghazi and who should be blamed? The Secretary of State (SOS) is the chief foreign affairs adviser to the President. The State Department employees tens of thousands of people across the globe and ultimately they report to the SOS.

When appointing a Secretary of State the President looks for someone to assist in developing, implementing and executing the nations plans and objectives as it relates to rest of the world and that person represents the United States across the globe. The need for management skills should not be high on the list of prerequisites to be considered for the position.

This in turn requires the SOS to have a staff reporting to her that has the necessary management skills to help achieve the goals of the department through the efforts of thousands of employees working for the State Department. Per the organization chart of the Department of State the SOS has seventeen individuals reporting directly to her. These individuals must have the ability to work without much supervision. If they cannot, they do not belong in their position.

Below is a section of the above organization chart that shows who has responsibly to oversee the operations and security of our foreign embassies and offices. The titles circled in red are the key positions relating to embassy security.

The position of Bureau of Diplomatic Security And Director, Office of Foreign Missions, Eric J, Boswell, had direct responsibility for the security of our Benghazi office, along with all of our embassies across the globe, and has been relieved of his position along with three officials reporting to Mr. Boswell.

An outstanding issue that should be put to rest is whether Mr. Boswell’s superior should also be relieved of his duties. This person, Patrick F. Kennedy, is the Under Secretary of Management and reports directly to the Secretary of State. Secretary of State Clinton needs to make that decision and justify it to Congress and the American people. Ms. Clinton is in the best position to make the call.

Aside, Susan Rice was thrown under the bus when she went on TV talk shows claiming the attack was not caused by terrorist. 

Hillary Is A Must!

“When Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton met Pakistan’s president at the NATO summit meeting in Chicago last week, the two spent most of the meeting talking politics, and Mrs. Clinton was nothing if not blunt. 

…Reflecting the Obama administration’s mounting frustration, Mrs. Clinton told him that the only way countries have defeated insurgencies like the ones threatening Pakistan and its neighbor was by forging national unity and exercising political will.” Frustrations Grow As U.S. and Pakistan Fail To Mend Ties, New York Times, May 27, 2012

When you are President of the United States you have a fiduciary responsibility to always act in the best interest of the country. This includes utilizing the talents around you in the best way possible. This is why President Obama has no choice but to nominate Hillary Clinton to be his Vice President. She is a strong leader who has the experience and leadership persona.

This will not be an easy decision. Joe Biden has been very loyal and an asset to the Administration. His experience in Washington often filled gaps when the President was in unfamiliar territory.

Appointing Clinton, may be the difference between Barack Obama going down in history as the first black President vs going down in history as having one of the best administrations of all time. For this to happen, Obama needs to utilize all of his leadership skills by using everything she brings to the table. He better be appointing her not just to get reelected, but rather because we need to employ all her skills, intellect and experience.

China Winning More Than Chess Game

“When China suddenly began cutting back its purchases of oil from Iran in the last month, officials in the Obama administration were guardedly optimistic, seeing the move as the latest in a string of encouraging signs from Beijing on sensitive security issues like Syria and North Korea, as well as on politically fraught economic issues like China’s exchange rate.
As with so many signals from Beijing, though, its underlying motives for reducing its imports of Iranian oil remain a mystery: Are the Chinese embracing Western sanctions? Or, as some experts suspect, are they trying to extract a better price from one of their main suppliers of crude?” New York Times, U.S. Sees Positive Signs From China on Security Issues, By MARK LANDLER and STEVEN LEE MYERS, April 26, 2012

The explanation is simple. China’s definition of long-term is decades and sometimes even centuries. Like a good chess player, they are thinking beyond the next three or four moves. Today in the United States, long term is November 2012. Our political system encourages our leaders to sacrifice our future, and the future of the next generation, for the sake of short-term gains. China is looking to gain influence in the world and it is in their interest to develop good relations with the west.

Update: April 29, 2012. China agrees to lend South Sudan $8-billion to build infrastructure.
             May 05, 2012  China allows blind dissident to apply for an education visa to the U.S..

Vice President Hillary Clinton

How did it evolve that Hillary Clinton will be the next Vice President of the United States? Simple, it is the logical thing to do.

Imagine hiding in the closet in the Oval Office. listening to a discussion between President Obama and David Axelrod, a top political aide to the President. They are discussing the current campaign to be reelected.

Obama starts out saying things look more positive then even three months ago. His approval ratings are rising, the unemployment picture is improving, the countries GDP is slowly climbing and the Republicans are beating themselves up in their primary campaign. Further, the Republican base cannot get excited over Romney and therefore they will not be fired up for the election. Obama says, “I could go for a good cigar right about now; however, with my luck just as I light up Michelle will walk in.”

Axelrod points out that there is still plenty of time before the election with plenty of potential problems on the horizon. They include, rising gas prices, the volatile situation in Afghanistan and Pakistan, the fuss over birth control and abortions related to health insurance. In addition, the Republicans are raising lots of money using Super PACS, Iran is trying to get a nuclear weapon and the Euro crisis could explode. Any of these issues could cause election problems and in all likelihood, at least one will.

The mood on the other side of the closet door became somber. The President got out of his chair and started pacing. Axelrod was stroking his chin, thinking. It seemed like five minutes past before anyone spoke. “EUREKA! I got it”, Axelrod said, “We are going to build you the best administration this country has ever had. As a result, the last four years of your Presidency will go down as one of the best administrations in history. You will not only be the first black President, you will be perceived as one of the best President’s we ever had.”

The President asked him to explain. Axelrod reminded the President that a while back Vice President Biden expressed a long time dream of his was to be the Secretary of State and at the time they both laughed, but agreed, he would be a good one. At the same time, both Axelrod and Obama knew that Hillary Clinton still has aspirations of becoming the President. Her chances improve greatly if she is the sitting Vice President. No one can beat her experience. She had eight years in the White House with Bill Clinton; she was a U.S. Senator from New York prior to becoming Secretary of State. She is well respected around the world. With her by your side, many issues facing this country will be solved.

Joe Biden is well liked internationally and he is tailor made to be Secretary of state. He will be like a pig in mud. Everyone wins. Most of all’ the country wins.

Obama smiles and says,”Where is that cigar.” Just then, you fall out of the closet and are taken away until after the announcement.

This is obviously fiction, but is a good idea that will happen.