We The People

Here is what I hope we can agree on.

1. We need to get our fiscal house in order. We cannot keep running deficits.
2. At our core is the Judeo/Christian belief that we should help our neighbor. This includes helping him to help himself.
3. All men, and women, are created equal.
4. We still believe in freedom of religion.
5. Government derives its power from the consent of all the governed and not just those controlling the wealth.

Until the 275-million plus of us sitting on the sidelines and not demanding our rights take action, nothing will change for the better. It is up to us, the people. OUR LEADER IS US!

Egypt and Freedom

“…for the Arab world to thrive it needs to overcome its deficit of freedom, its deficit of knowledge and its deficit of women’s empowerment. And, I would add, its deficit of religious and political pluralism. We should help any country whose government is working on that agenda — including an Egypt led by a Muslim Brotherhood president…”, The Fear Factor, Thomas Friedman, New York Times, June 27.2011

It is also going to be very difficult for us to support such countries as opposed to dictators that have allowed us to get cheap energy and other natural resources in exchange for our protection. It is going to require us to truly stand up in support of freedom even when it may not be in our short term, up to fifty years, financial advantage.

Will we be able to do this? History shows that often we stand on the wrong side of freedom when it comes to increasing our financial wealth. We preach democracy but often trade it for greed. More